Hello there!

We are excited that you stopped by!

If you give a call to the shop or stop in the door and you will–most likely–meet the two of us…

Kathryn (on the left) / Annette (on the right)

P I N this to pinterestHere’s the facts:

* Friends. Not sisters–or even related for that matter.

* Grew up on Nebraska farms.

* Love growing flowers to weave in to our designs (more on Annette’s flower farm later).

* Appreciate the handmade, timeworn, and authentic.

* Love a good auction.

* Feel the need to make.

* Not so into the overproduced.

* Daydream believers.

Or–perhaps you might also meet Aaron (Kathryn’s husband and part-time heirloom pumpkin grower),

Morgan (Class of 2016) or Jenna when she pops in to lend a hand from time to time.



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